Do you want to retail thé best paintline? Then you are at the right place! We are always looking for vendors, and although our Wise Owl family is already huge (over 400 retailers!) in the US, we would love to see this family grow bigger in Europe.


Why should you go with Wise Owl?
- Vendors will receive unparalleled support from a team that is very connected, shares projects, customer ideas, feedback and shares tips and tricks of the trade. Enjoy a protected area, no minimum monthly purchase amounts, and small opening order minimums to qualify for wholesale.

- We will arrange retailer training days, where we (and you) will share all the possibilty's with our Wise Owl products, you can connect with other retailers and start growing your knowledge. As soon as you are a retailer, we will give you all the info that is needed, about the retailer training days.

- A minimal start order, although, we do ask you to build up a good stock collection, because that's what customers expect when they arrive at your store. Remember, more in stock means more to sell!

- We have a great community on social media, worldwide, where everybody is HELPING other retailers! No competition, only love for each other, and that's what Wise Owl is, right?

- When you are joining our Wise Owl family, you will also be able to retail our Cling On! brushes! 

- We ship from the Netherlands, so the shipping costs for Europe stay low!

Please contact Yasmin Michielsen, sale@emeraldpeacock.eu for more information on how to become a retailer!