Hi ya paintlovers!

Just a short overview to show you how we got where we are now!

It’s 1960 when our father/grandfather Jan Michielsen decides to start his own painting-contracting business, which is why we could consider him as our “Founding Father”.

In 1984 his son Frank Michielsen chooses to follow the same path and learn the trade. After five years (speaking of 1989) he joins his father’s business and, since Jan retired, still is a self-employed professional painter, on the job on a daily basis.

2007: Frank gets the idea of making his own paintbrushes (not being satisfied with the brushes available at the time) and it takes him 4 years of developing before Cling On! brushes enter the market, now a furniture painter’s favourite worldwide!

Paint appeared to be in the blood because in 2015 Frank’s daughter Yasmin starts her own business, painting furniture and selling paint and it’s only two years later when she opens her brick & mortar store “Ruby Wonen” in 2017.

That same year Yasmin also starts working part-time for the Cling On! business and it’s not later than 2018 when she opens a second store, right next to the first one, doubling her space.

And now, 2019, (not wasting any time…) father and daughter started yet another business: Emerald Peacock, bringing the amazing Wise Owl Paint products from the US to Europe!

It runs in the family…no doubt ‘bout that, and we are anxious to get you acquainted with all the “top notch” products and wonderful colors of Wise Owl !!